Jan sat in the waiting room, impatiently flicking through an old copy of Woman Magazine. She hated it when the doctor was running late. Why did they always think it was acceptable to keep people waiting in a room full of other people’s germs? Her leg kicked upwards, as though of its own accord, and she stared at the pointed toe of her court shoe as it swung to and fro.
At last there was a loud ping and her name finally flashed on the overhead screen, instructing her to proceed to Consulting Room number 4.
“Good morning, doctor.” Jan pulled back the chair beside the doctor’s desk and placed her leather bag on the floor.
The doctor continued to look at his computer screen. “I’ll be with you in just a moment.”
More waiting, thought Jan, trying not to despair.
Finally Doctor Johnson looked up at her. “And what can I do for you today?”
“I’ve come about the tingling sensation I keep getting down my spine. It doesn’t seem to be going away.”
“Oh right.” The doctor tapped on his keyboard, then peered at the screen. “Mmm…I see…ah, yes…right then.” His eyes peered once more over the top of his glasses at his patient. “You came about this three weeks ago.”
“Yes. You asked me to come back if the tingling didn’t stop.”
“Yes. I remember now. So the treatment didn’t work?”
“No.” Jan crossed her legs.
Doctor Johnson stared at her legs. “Well, that may not be doing it any good.”
Jan remained still for a moment, pondering over the apparent magnetism her legs had over his eyes. Then she planted both feet firmly on the ground.
The doctor made an ‘ahem’ sort of sound and picked up a small metal mallet-type gadget. “Perhaps we should do a little test. Can you remove your trousers.”
Jan stared at him. “Should there be someone else present?”
“Do you want someone else to see you without your trousers on? We are rather short staffed, you know.”
I don’t give a damn about you staffing levels! Jan frowned. If she was going to get out of this place any time soon it would probably be better to just get on with it. Battling to hide her indignance she kicked off her shoes and removed her navy blue, tailored trousers, folding them neatly and placing them on the back of her chair.
“Sit on the bed, please.”
The thin rough paper covering the bed rustled beneath her bottom as her legs dangled over the side. She glared at the hammer-like tool in the doctor’s hand. “Is this really necessary?”
The doctor tapped her right knee and her leg swung forward.
“I think it’s worth a try,” he muttered, turning his attention to the left leg.
Then Jan got a whiff of spicy cologne as the doctor lowered his head, his hair almost tickling her face. She breathed deeply. The warmth of his hand as he pressed his palm over the top of her knee, made her shudder.
“Is it still tingling?”
“I think it’s tingling even more,” Jan gasped, glancing at her watch and feeling quite warm, her appetite growing nicely. “I really don’t have much time.”
“Then we had better be quick. Let’s see how it is without the shirt.”
She stared at him. Was he really expecting her to remove her jacket and shirt? The tingling was getting stronger. It was going to drive her mad. She needed relief. What option did she have?
Sitting on the bed in her bra and knickers left Jan feeling vulnerable. What on earth was the doctor going to do next?
She didn’t have to wait long to find out. With a touch that was electrifying he tapped cool finger tips along the top of Jan’s shoulders before working his way down her arms. It sent shivers rippling through her body, the tingling in her spine demanding some recognition, some demonstration of its power.
In a flash Jan cupped the doctor’s face and planted her hungry lips over his. The kiss was fierce and draining. Doctor Johnson pulled her to her feet, pressing his body hard against hers.
“Still tingling?” he panted.
Her words were just a murmur before her tongue delved deep, relishing his masculine flavour. But this wouldn’t satisfy. The tingling was getting stronger. With a surprisingly firm grip for her slim build, Jan yanked his head back, revealing a smooth, strong neck. Her eyes fell on his Adam’s apple as it teased her taste buds.
Unable to hold back any longer, Jan sank her teeth in deep and began to feast on that warm rich liquid. The doctor sighed, his body relaxing under her hold.
“Take what you want,” he whispered, without fear or apprehension.
Finally Jan smoothed her tongue over two small holes and sealed his skin. Droplets of warm blood lingered on her deep red lips. She licked them clean, smiling at the man standing in front of her. Her hands reached up to caress his face once more.
“Do you have more for me?”
The doctor leaned forward to kiss her. Then he was gone. He walked around to a small refrigerator on the other side of his office. He handed Jan a cold bag made of thick plastic. “Don’t drink it all at once.”
“You know I always make it last until next time. It’s salmon for tea, darling. I’ll see you later.”
“Goodbye Mrs Johnson,” the receptionist called as Jan headed to the exit still licking her lips.