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“A steamy romance that will make you blush with delight” Frankie Reviews

As bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding, Emily Moorcroft has suspicions about the newly-weds’ relationship with their best man. How come he seems to know the bride better than Emily does?

Emily Moorcroft is the skeptical bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding. Lauren Chandler is getting married to enigmatic Byron Lord, and Emily is compelled to ask her if she really knows who she’s marrying. Emily’s concerns grow when she suspects the newly weds friendship with the best man is “very close.” Lauren is her best friend! It’s not right that the best man seems to know Lauren better than Emily does. Jealousy rears its head, and painful memories threaten to spoil the day for Emily Moorcroft.

Why does the best man seem to know more than the bridesmaid? And why is the bridesmaid able to tell the best man things she has never told anyone else?

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mollie blake

About The Author

Mollie is a regular mum of one son and wife of one husband. As a former finance director, she was a bit of a latecomer to writing, but now she has ventured from analysing figures in her spreadsheets to creating steamy scenes for her characters between the bed sheets.

Delighted to be accepted as a member of the International Thriller Writers group and the Romantic Novelists’ Association in the UK, Mollie’s stories are filled with  provocative romance and laced with suspense. She loves to wander through Google Earth in search of locations to inspire – from castles in the Channel Islands to high rise flats in London: from the streets of Melbourne to hotels in Kenya. Directionally challenged, you can find her getting lost in most places! However, the heart of her stories rests in Cheshire, England.

She is also guilty of a love of reading, swimming, fast cars, Prosecco and chocolate. She has been condemned in the kitchen on more than one occasion. As she warned her husband – she kisses better than she cooks.

In November 2015 Mollie was delighted to sign a publishing contract with American publisher, Black Opal Books.

Her second two books, Keeping You and Guiltless, are due for release in the summer of 2017.

A two-part story entitled An Unconventional Affair will be out at the end of 2017 and she is currently writing her sixth book.

Her stories are linked by her home county of Cheshire in England, and form a series:

A #CheshireL♡VE Story