Warning: Spoiler alert

Reporter:    So how did you know Lawrence Bane?


Miranda Clevely:

Well. Of course I’d like to think I was like a mother to him. Poor boy never knew his parents. Then again, I suppose I wasn’t a very good mother. My methods of discipline can be somewhat…harsh. No, I was more of a saviour to him. Yes, I saved him from the clutches of that pimp, Josh Black. I made him a man, gave him a comfortable home. And taught him everything he needed to know about a woman.





I love Lawrence like I would love a brother. He got me away from that Josh Black. Lawrence even saved my life when that bastard tried to kill me. I feel safe now, working at The Sway as Lawrence’s housekeeper, a job I can be proud of. I’m here when he needs me and I’ll do anything I can to help him.




I wasn’t too sure of the guy when he first started dating my cousin. I was the one Suzy always turned to. Then this mysterious, wealthy guy employed her to do some translating work for him and I hardly ever saw Suzy. Of course, Richard and I eventually got to meet him, but there was something not quite right. Richard was on edge the whole time. But I have to say, I had never seen Suzy so happy. Whatever Lawrence Bane was up to, being in love with my cousin had to be part of it.





You know I run my own wealth management company? Well, Lawrence Bane was one of my richest clients. He had to discuss some plans with me, and I was bloody furious when I found out he was dating Dom’s cousin. I warned him not to hurt her.



Josh Black:

 Lawrence Bane was an interfering prick. He shudda kept his nose out o’ my business. Don’t know why he wasted his time on that shithead rent boy, Jimmy. But when I get my hands on Bane, he’ll get what’s comin’ to him.




Suzy Harper:

How did I know Lawrence Bane? I knew him like I knew myself. My life began the day I met him. It seems a long time ago now. We were born oceans apart, ha, quite literally. But his world was cruel and manipulating, and he was punished. It made him the man he was. My life was protected by loving parents in Cameroon. Until they were killed in a car crash. But even when I came back to the UK…well, I was still protected by Dominic.

Then I met Lawrence. I was young and naïve. Ha, I’ve no idea what he saw in me. But the chasm that divided us was melted away by the heat of our love. He became my life. He taught me how to love him, and it was his greatest gift.

At this point Suzy put her hand to the platinum pendant that hung around her neck.

How did I know Lawrence Bane? He possessed my soul, and kept me.