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She thought she knew what he was up to, but she was about to find out how very wrong she was…

Byron leaned back and raised his hand, running the forefinger along his top lip, his elbow resting on the arm below, as he contemplated the woman before him. Part of him was turned on by her confidence, her risk-taking and determination. Not to mention her sense of adventure. She thought this was a game. She probably guessed he wouldn’t play fair. Especially after the episode with the contract. Yet she was interested in him and she wasn’t afraid to let him know.

But the other part of him, that part which had begun to consume him since the accident, put up the brick wall. He couldn’t let her get to him. He couldn’t let her see the real Byron Lord.

“You don’t know what you’re letting yourself in for.”

Lauren tried not to sound petulant. “Then show me. I’m not a virgin, you know.”

He laughed. It was a soft laugh, without bitterness or accusation, and it did nothing but increase her desire to see him naked and hear him gasp with passion. Then his tone changed and there was a touch of danger to his voice as he spoke.

“I don’t spend the night alone with a woman, Lauren. I share. Always.” He stood up. “I’ll leave you to think about that for a moment.” He left the room and closed the door.

Editorial Reviews


“Mollie Blake hits all the right buttons once again with her newest Cheshire Love Story! It’s a potent cocktail of glamorous people having hot and heavy encounters with a few ‘too hot to handle’ shocks along the way. Irresistible!

My Chestnut Reading Tree
“Blake has done it again. Her second book is as captivating and racy as her first. Filled with fascinating characters, an intriguing plot, and plenty of steamy sex scenes, this provocative romance has it all!”
Taylor Jones, The Review Team of Taylor Jones & Reagan Murphy
“Guiltless is both a steamy romance and a gripping thriller. With an intriguing plot, fast-paced action, marvelous characters, numerous hot sex scenes, and tension-filled suspense, Blake has crafted a compelling and spicy romantic thriller that you’ll have lots of reasons to love.”
Reagan Murphy, The Review Team of Taylor Jones & Reagan Murphy

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