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I am a huge Mollie Blake fan having previously read The Secret at Arnford Hall, Guiltless and Keeping You. I’ve been looking forward to part one of A Conventional Affair which is due out soon but to my surprise and delight, Mollie has just published a Cheshire Love Stories novella!

Now for those who haven’t read Mollies books before, they are all set in and around Cheshire with characters that have a slight connection so that they pop up in each others books. Emily is being bridesmaid for Lauren and Byron who I met before in a previous book so it was wonderful to have a continuation of that storyline but with a new character looking for their own happy ever after. With all of Mollies books there is also a slight twist, as the relationships are never quite as straightforward as you would expected! Her secret to a successful erotic suspense is to push the boundaries of contemporary romance and that certainly keeps you on your toes (or any other parts of your body you choose!)

I really think that Mollie needs to write novellas more often!!, I devoured this in one tense sitting loving the chemistry between Emily and The American Best Man! I was full of sympathy for Emily who thought she was losing her best friend forever when she got married but without understanding the undertones of why she was feeling that way! And as with Mollies other books there is a suspense element that means the path of true love never runs smoothly for her couples.

The American Best Man is actually my favourite of Mollies books so far!  Her writing style flowed perfectly with a real empathy for her characters and her candid but warmly involving scenes between them really worked well for me! She’s not afraid to hold back in her steamy scenes but they are not titillating, just a very sensuous exploration of two people searching for that perfect someone underneath the layers of protection that they have built up over the years.

This was a compact but intense experience for me and I loved every minute! It’s been my warm up for An Unconventional Affair which I’m now dying to read thanks to Mollie Blake’s intuitive writing style and to characters that I’ve once again felt a strong connection to.

Highly recommended!”

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