Elfine ran her long fingered hands over her soft, smooth, bare skin. No hair. She loved the feel and liked what she saw in the mirror. Almost a shame to cover it up. The clock confirmed it was ten o’clock. Just enough time to put on her costume and get to the party.

She spied him as soon she prowled into the room. He was a little taller than the man he was talking to, and his mask appeared sturdier and harder than she had imagined it would be. It didn’t look comfortable. Yet it appeared to be a part of him.

Elfine grabbed a glass of something orange coloured from a tray being proffered by a zombie, and headed over to him.

“You made it.” His voice was harsh as the words rasped in his throat. He nodded to the skeleton at his side, making it clear that their conversation was over. Then he lifted the glass from her hand and took a long sip before wrapping his hand around the back of her neck. He leaned down and sealed his lips over hers. It was a show of alpha-male possession. Elfine wallowed in the flavour of the orange liquid he shared with her so intimately. The kiss broke as they swallowed. He wrapped his fingers tightly around her dainty hand and began to lead her to the staircase.

“It’s a little crowded.” She hesitated but couldn’t resist his pull. “Can’t we go somewhere quieter?”

“No time,” he hissed impatiently, his pace not easing as he mounted the stairs. “I reserved a room. It’s not going to waste.”

The door closed behind them and the loud music emanating from downstairs was dulled slightly, providing reassurance that they would not be heard.

“So, my darling, who are you this time.”

“Elfine, of course.”

“Of course.” His smile filled the only part of his face she could see. He slid his hands over the shiny rubber barrier to the skin he was desperate to touch. “Let’s peel this off.” Inch by inch he stripped his companion bare, the shiny suit revealing her naked, hairless body beneath. His fingers caressed her face so lightly, expressing his fear that it could shatter under his touch. He ran them along her red lips, enticing her to bite him.

She did.

“Ouch!” He shook his finger and stared at the drop of red blood that had oozed to the surface. “Not yet,” he urged, “not yet.”

Elfine twitched slightly. “I’ll try. I’m sorry.”

He wrapped his arms around her and held her close. He pressed himself against her naked body and nuzzled at her neck. Her hands ran down his back and suddenly he gasped as her nails clawed through the fabric of his costume. He shot a glance at the clock on the mantle piece. Eleven o’clock.

“We’re going to run out of time.”
“Tie me,” she pleaded. “It’s not too late.”

“Lie on the bed.”

The mounting tension in her body subsided as Elfine crawled onto the duvet and held her wrists out for him to bind them with the rope from under the bed. He fashioned intricate patterns as he bound her to the posts, leaving her outstretched and immobile. She stared as he quickly removed his clothes, his face squirming when he pulled at the fabric that had stuck to him where she had drawn blood on his back.

He stood before her, sculpted to perfection, strong hard muscles beneath dark hair and smooth skin. He climbed onto the mattress and cloaked her body with his. Their skin connected from chest to thigh. Their lips melded and he sought entry to taste inside her, to entwine his tongue with hers and to share their flavours.

“I’m ready,” she whispered, fearful he was going to hold back. But her fear was unfounded.

His fingers trailed lightly down her neck before coming to rest on her breasts. Kissing with a deep felt passion, his fingers progressed lower to trace a line over her abdomen and beyond. He pressed his palm on that soft mound and ground his hardness against her thigh, revelling in the delicious friction. Gently he eased her soft skin apart and placed his finger inside that warm opening to his goal. She was wet and moist. He needed to see her like this. He broke the kiss and sat back to gaze over her beautiful body. Her skin was soft and pale, almost translucent. He admired the perfect domes of her breasts, their tips caramel coloured and peaked, yearning to be touched. As he leaned forward and teased each one between his teeth she started to growl from deep within her throat.

He needed to hurry. Sitting up once more, he steadily eased himself inside. He slid libidinously back and forth, her delicious warmth consuming him as her tightness imprisoned him inside her. Their time was slipping away. As his pace quickened, her growls became sweeter and moanful. He believed he had made time standstill for her. The friction of his body moving on top of her was grinding, creating that excitement of the promised joy. He had a commitment to fulfil and he wouldn’t disappoint her. As his ecstasy took its hold he gasped and worked lovingly to bring sheer pleasure through every part of her body and mind.

Elifne arched her body off the mattress, attempting to break free from her bonds as she felt him pulse inside her, a warm liquid invading her body and beginning to course through every limb. She howled unreservedly.

He cried out in carnal satisfaction. He covered her body with his one last time and dipped his head to pierce the translucent skin at her neck. Their union was complete. With a desperate haste he tore the rope from her, releasing her back to herself.

He waited just a flash in time. Two green eyes peered out from the thick black fur that now covered her body. Time permitted only a furtive glance before she sprang from the bed and hissed as she brushed past his legs and out of the open window onto the ledge, before descending down into the undergrowth.

It only took a second for him to stare out at the moon, before his mask fell to the floor and wings took him out into the night sky.

“Until next year, my feline friend.”