At last, I am delighted to announce the second and final part of An Unconventional Affair is out.

“Like the rest of Blake’s books, this is well written, fast-paced, hot, sexy, and full of surprises. You won’t want to miss it.” The Review Team of Taylor Jones & Regan Murphy.

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He missed Tee so much, how could he have let this happen?

On a rainy day in May, Barrington answered the phone at the hot desk where he was stationed.

He heard the gruff voice of a man. “Hello, Daddy.”

Barrington’s eyes widened, and his blood ran cold. He struggled to get the words out. “Who is this?”

“You just need to know that Lindsey’s had a baby girl, and it’s going to be expensive. We’ll be in touch.” The line went dead.

Barrington’s eyes darted around the open plan office. Nothing had changed. Everyone was still working. The photocopier whirred in the corner, spurting out sheet after sheet, collating the set of financial statements he had just sent to it. A phone rang at someone else’s desk, and Jane walked past and asked if he wanted a coffee.

“Er. Yes, please. That would be good.”

“Are you all right, Barrington? You look pale. Even for a Brit.”

“I’m fine,” he mumbled, getting up from his chair and heading toward the gents.

Once inside the confines of a cubicle, he sat on the closed toilet seat and held his head in his hands. How did they know where he worked, and what the fuck was he going to do next?