I’m delighted to announce I have a new short story out. As my gift to readers, it is FREE on most platforms, and we are working to persuade Amazon to price-match to free too. (Let them know you can buy the book cheaper elsewhere.)

The American Best Man is an erotic romance suspense, filled with tension, love and lust, with a few funny bits along the way.

“A steamy romance that will make you blush with delight!” Frankie Reviews

Although it’s a short story in its own right, The American Best Man is a continuation of Guiltless, my second book published by Black Opal Books. So if you don’t want any spoilers, maybe read Guiltless first 😉 You will catch up with characters from my other books, plus some yet to appear.

Emily Moorcroft is the skeptical bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding. Lauren Chandler is getting married to enigmatic Byron Lord, and Emily is compelled to ask her if she really knows who she’s marrying. Emily’s concerns grow when she suspects the newly weds friendship with the best man is “very close.” Lauren is her best friend! It’s not right that the best man seems to know Lauren better than Emily does. Jealousy rears its head, and painful memories threaten to spoil the day for Emily Moorcroft.

Why does the best man seem to know more than the bridesmaid? And why is the bridesmaid able to tell the best man things she has never told anyone else?

Go and grab a copy. Great for a holiday read on a 3 hour plus flight. Or are you the nervous bridesmaid who might be wondering what the bride thinks she’s doing, marrying a man she’s barely had time to get to know…

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